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Group Schemes

Group Funeral Scheme

This is an arrangement where a number of people come together and enter into a contract with our organization so that if there is bereavement the company will carry out the funeral. In most cases the human resources department is in charge of this function. When there is a funeral the functions of the organization are not disturbed. The underwriting process of the group scheme is not as strict as individual policies. Premiums are lower because the Group Scheme is managed as one.

We have various types of group schemes:

Generally the organization has a team of individuals who discuss the conditions and terms of the group scheme. When all the details have been agreed on then a contract is drawn and signed by the individuals who represent the group and the assurance company. The company can decide to pay for the individuals or the organization and individuals can meet halfway, or make any other arrangements for payment. The individuals then complete the forms indicating the members that are to be covered by the group scheme. Once the payment has been done the individual concerned are automatically covered.